Striding to Show Awareness

Hundreds of people around the community come together to support breast cancer

Esteban Leon
hundreds of people being the walk.

Esteban Leon, Sports Editor

“We can all have the power to make a difference in the lives of others. It doesn’t matter what your cause is, just do good and give back. We have a responsibility as humans to help each other out,” said Chair of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Catherine Pulisic.

On October 11th, 2014, over 1,500 participants walked through Harbor Cove Beach in Ventura to support the fifth annual event ‘Making Strides Against Breast Cancer’ assisted by The American Cancer Society.

According to National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in every eight women will be diagnosed with this disease in their lifetime.

The purpose of the walk was to raise awareness throughout the community and aid those who was affected by having breast cancer. Pulisic said, “Seeing the survivors and their families gives me the most satisfaction, as well as those who have lost loved ones to the disease because through this event it lets them know that they are not alone. And that they have pink movement besides them working hard to take away their struggles and kick cancer’s butt.”

Participant Patricia Olvera, 36, whose mother had breast cancer twice and survived, said, “I enjoyed the unity of my family coming together to show support for my mother.”

Having a family member who had breast cancer affected her life emotionally, yet in a positive way too. She said, “but it has brought awareness to me to take better care of myself.”

More than just being a walk, this event had many activities for those who showed up. “This year we added kids activities, raffle and silent auction, farmers market, more survivorship activities and recognition, remembrance area to pay tribute to those lost to the disease, live band, special breakfast for blue ribbon teams, pink carpet photo op, photographer,” said Pulisic.

Throughout the month of October, those who participated in the event in combination with multiple businesses hosting fundraisers, expect to exceed a $120,000 donation.

“I love seeing how many people from our communities were able to get involved. The more people involved, the more money and awareness we raise,” said Pulisic. With the goal of spreading awareness and to raise money towards a breast cancer cure, those who involved themselves in the event succeeded. Pulisic added, “It makes me feel like I am doing something positive in my life and allowing me the opportunity to create a positive impact on my community.”