Keeping the ‘Spirit’ of Halloween Alive

Oxnard High School students discuss their opinions regarding the reality of ghosts


Denis O'Leary

Scary movies such as “Annabelle,” have contributed to people’s opinions regarding paranormal activity.

Denis O'Leary and Mark Ramos

“When I was a little kid, we used to live in this apartment building, I would always hear strange noises at night,” said Oxnard High School freshmen Raul Garcia.

Since the concept of paranormal activities was first introduced to the public, inexplicable occasions have affected people to believe in the paranormal.

One of the contributions to this way of thinking has been scary movies. “I believe ghosts are real…I think some movies based on true stories…actually happened,” said OHS senior Richard Madrid.

Although there are those who believe ghosts are real based on movies, there are some that require proof. “I believe it could be possible but without much scientific evidence I don’t care whether they [exist] or not,” said OHS freshmen Timothy Whitfield.

OHS senior Spenser Judd said “I’ve seen apparitions in my house before. There used to be an old lady who died…my friend used to live in my house before I did and he said they got a paranormalist to investigate…they saw the old lady.”

However, even with experiences the subject of whether ghosts exist or not is still a controversial subject. “It’s so unrealistic…there are no statements proving that ghosts exist,” said OHS freshman Justin Terrill.

OHS senior Giselle Cruz said, “I choose not to [believe] because then I’d be too scared. I feel like there are ghosts and demons but I’m lying to myself.

Whether it be fact or fiction, the existence of supernatural forces holds very true in the perspectives of those who experiences them. It is with the accounts of these students that the belief of life being present after death continues to live.