GoArmy.com Recruitment at Oxnard High School

U.S. Army Reserve invited students to become enlisted, whilst participating in lunch-time challenges

Juan Quero
Various flyers from GoArmy.com inviting students to consider becoming enlisted.

Juan Quero , Editor-in-Chief

On October 24, 2014 Oxnard High School students voluntarily participated in the GoArmy.com various strength tests. With the purpose of informing students of academic and occupational opportunities offered by joining the U.S. Army Reserve, students accumulated to spectate their classmates. Sophomore Eduardo Quirino said, “The group was small of the people that were there, but they looked like they were being entertained and having fun. No one looked bored. ”

The GoArmy.com representatives gathered a crowd from having students, “watching the contestants doing push-ups and the arm wrestle competition” said Quirino. Prior to involvement, OHS students were required to complete a waiver that requested contact information for future communication. He said, “I saw the DJ recruiter playing music trying to get people to play…and the contest.” With these features added to the Friday lunch, OHS students were able to gain more information on what becoming a part of the U.S. Army Reserve has to offer.