“Oxnard…What Kind of Name is That?”

People who do and do not live in Oxnard share their input on the city

Stephanie Chavez
Oxnard, CA — Sundown view from The Collection.

Stephanie Chavez and Tammera Magana


Oxnard is known for being a place with good weather, beaches, and cultural diversity. However, there are also some negative aspects about the city. “There is good and bad, [but we should] make the best of it,” Padilla said.

A positive aspect about the city is that there are many different recreational and public areas. “There are many different people and different kinds of neighborhoods and places in Oxnard…there are the beaches…[and] downtown…The Plaza and all that,” Camarillo resident Becky Holguin said. “Then we have The Collection, which we are really liking with the little kids because…It is just beautiful.”

Another advantage about Oxnard is its diversity. “I love all the migrants…I went to church in Oxnard for fifteen years because I wanted diversity, and there is diversity in Oxnard much more than Camarillo, and I think we need that…There is a lot of culture in Oxnard,” said Holguin.

Adding to the positive things that Oxnard has, Becky Holguin’s husband, Mario Holguin, who also resides in Camarillo said, “the weather… is really awesome, and I miss…[it] even though we live like ten miles away, you can’t beat it. Here you can get the cool beach breeze.”

Nonetheless, as in most places, there are negative things that are also a part of the city. Mr. Holguin said that he did not like “the name Oxnard… when [he] first heard of Oxnard. [He] thought what kind of name is that?”

Among other problems are “the traffic, [which] is getting really bad,” said Padilla.

“There are [some negative] things that I can think of. One is the gangs, my friend’s son was killed in front of his doorstep, a 19-year-old, who was not a gang member. He was a latino…a football player at the high school, and he was shot by gang members and killed,” said Becky Holguin.

Overall, any place should be judged by its positive and negative aspects together. For Oxnard resident Felix Fabian Sanchez, he said, “Oxnard is a place where people can have more freedom.”