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Oxnard High School senior Gabriel Medina talks about his talent in music

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Stephany Garcia and Daniela Vacio Pena

Senior Gabriel Medina performing with his band.

Stephany Garcia and Daniela Vacio Pena

There are certain things you do not know about your classmates or friends.Oxnard High School senior Gabriel Medina discussed his talent in music and his connection to it.

In music people become inspired by many different aspects. “I started to play music at age 12, my dad was one of my inspirations to start playing,” said Medina.”My dad passed it on to my brother and from my brother it went on to me.”

Learning how to play an instrument can be a difficult task. “I started off in elementary playing the Saxaphone and from the Saxaphone I went on to playing the Bajosexto,” said Medina. The best advice often times comes from your family. “[My brother] told me to practice so when I am going to play I can be confident.” This advice in mind Medina set out to become the best performer he could be.

Performing is a skill that takes time to perfect. “My first time playing I was nervous and unprepared,” said Medina. After that Medina decided to practice even more and to this day he still continues to practice. It is his dedication to music that enabled him to believe in himself and what he is doing.

Having a connection with music can be thrilling. “Everytime I listen to music I get a great feeling hearing all of the instruments conjoined,” said Medina.

Medina joined the Mariachi class where he gained more experience in performing in a group. While participating in the mariachi class he also performs in a band. “Right now I play with a band called, Clase Norteña, we play in Quinceñeras, parties, and we also go to clubs in L.A.,” said Medina. It looks like this is just the beginning for Medina in his journey with music.

With his continued practice Medina has hopes to one day pursue a career in music. “After high school I plan to start recording professionally.” He mentioned “Playing music is something that I love doing.”