The Wrestling Bros.

Two OHS students with more than a name in common


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Wrestling, like boxing and MMA, is referred to as a contact sport. Where wrestling is the only one of the three to be practiced by Oxnard High School.

Denis O'Leary, Web Editor

Oxnard High School junior wrestlers Anthony Rios and Anthony Zaragoza go beyond wrestling on campus.

“I just had my first fight, so currently I’m one and zero,” said Zaragoza, who also enjoys practicing Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) at Knuckleheads MMA.

Zaragoza said that when wrestling season starts, “[he is] going to take a break from fighting to take care of [his] wrestling career, but once wrestling season is done, [he is] going back to fighting.”

He also recognizes Rios’ performance and said, “He’s like my best friend.”

Despite their similarities, the two Anthony’s are distinct in their own ways.

Rios, who boxes at the PAL (Police Activities League) said, “My boxing career is going well, I already competed in fights that my record so far is 5-1.

Rios, with the same intentions as Zaragoza said, “Once wrestling season starts I’m going to take a break from my boxing career, [but] once track season starts, [I will] do boxing and track.”

In the end, both Anthonys have the ambitious goal of reaching the CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) tournament. With their standards set high, their persistent practice regiment will ensure they both reach their full potential.