Day 2 “Peace Out Pacifica!”

Juan Quero
Pictured from left to right: sophomore Kameko Sasaki, freshman Gaby Soto, freshman Bianca Sanchez, freshman Aris Beltran, sophomore Samantha Molina, and sophomore Paulina Aldrete.

Christina Escudero , Entertainment Editor

As Oxnard High School demonstrates more school spirit, the students dressed in tie-dye shirts and other hippie attires. With bright colors and big smiles roaming around campus, OHS definitely had a great turn out with many participants for today’s theme. The class of 2015 especially brought  a splash of color to the campus. Seniors are showing great school spirit to the underclassmen and amping everyone up for this Friday’s football game against our rivalry school, the Pacifica Mermaids.


Source: Juan Quero