The 5th Wave

Angeline Hsu, Special Assignment

Thrilling but Predictable at times

Author: Rick Yancey

Call #: FIC YAN C.1

Reviewed by: Angeline Hsu

As a science fiction novel, this one managed to grab my attention and pull me into a new world. The story begins with Cassie Sullivan, a sixteen year old girl who is not only one of the last survivors in her family, but also one of the last survivors on the Earth. From the beginning, it is clear that the first four waves have left those who remain to be paranoid and untrusting of others. The first wave involves an electromagnetic pulse that shorted out all electronics, while the second wave was a literal tsunami wave. The third wave was a plague that wiped out 97% of the world’s remaining population, and the fourth wave brought “Silencers” who were designed to “silence” the remaining survivors. As the 5th wave begins, Cassie develops the theory that “to stay alone is to stay alive” as some who appear to be human end up killing off the last survivors. The plotline remains captivating and intense for a majority of the novel, but in some instances, it becomes easy to predict where Yancey plans to take the story. He introduces the ambiguous character of Evan Walker, who can be anticipated to play a major role in the turning point of the story and does. Furthermore, there are several points in the plot where Yancey chose very calculated moves. However, the storyline still manages to capture the reader as it is filled with attention-grabbing moments. If you enjoy action-packed scenes and imaginative plotlines involving extraterrestrial life, this is the book for you.

I give it a 4 out of five stars.