Not Being Thankful After Thanksgiving?

Black Friday ‘s purpose raises questions

Denis O'Leary and Chase Perez

On November 27th, 2014 there was a special day where one could get great bargains at many participating stores. This day is known as Black Friday, but some stores opened on Thursday. For example, Best Buy opened at 5 P.M. on Thursday night. While other stores were not participating.

A few of the many stores that participated is opening earlier and earlier each year, in order to compete with other stores. For example, K-Mart, who has an advantage over many stores, opened at 6 A.M Thursday morning, this is known as grey Thursday while other stores were opening later in the evening.

A lot of people think Black Friday is ironic because on Thanksgiving you are supposed to give thanks and be with your family. But then on Friday you go buying and fighting to get great bargains. Senior Marco Alvarado said “you’re giving thanks for stuff and then you are kinda being stingy with the stuff that you have,” Alvarado also added “you are basically killing people for stuff but earlier, like two hours earlier, you just said you were thankful for the stuff that you had.”

Some people do not believe in Black Friday thinking it is an ironic day. Junior Anthony Zaragoza said “ Its kind of ironic because you should be home with your family spending time together, loving each other, but instead you are out fighting random people for things that you don’t need.”

Online stores such as have offered a solution for those who dislike the crowded scenes of Black Friday. Customers can take part in Cyber Monday the following Monday without having to leave the comfort of their homes.