What Does Christmas Mean to You?

Oxnard High School faculty talk about what Christmas means to them

Imani Roberts and Kim Valerio

Christmas is usually the time of year that family and friends get together and bond, express themselves in a positive way or get the simple satisfaction of someone else’s happiness..
Families share their traditions that have been passed on to them from past generations.

Many families share the tradition of socializing with their friends and going out for Christmas Caroling. “Fudge, I only make it once a year. That’s [the] honest truth” said OHS’s Chemistry and Biology teacher, Ms. McQuaid

It seems that during the Christmas season family usually comes around. Ms. McQuaid said, “I don’t have a really big family, I have a really small family. It’s just my mom, my daughter, myself … my dad….my sister and brother-in-law.”

Having a strong and close relationship with friends can enhance the “family” experience around the holidays, “I have some friends who are more like family than friends, but also love being with my family,” said OHS English teacher Kathleen Curran.

When Christmas time comes around, the