Halfway There

Oxnard High School seniors share their feelings after submitting

Melissa Cuevas and Zaira Miranda

Applying to a university can be a life changing decision. Students might find themselves overwhelmed with the process of applying while some might find the process rather simple. Nonetheless, every experience is unique and important in its way.

Oxnard High School senior Shady O’campo said, “My application process was stressful, because I had to think about what major and what schools to apply to.”

Similarly, senior Antonio Gaxiola said the application process “was difficult, but luckily the Thanksgiving break gave me a solid seven days to really proofread and finalize my applications. It came at the right time.”

However, for other students the process was very simple. Senior Krista Hamilton said, “Applying for college was rather a quick and easy process for me. I applied with the help of my older sister, which made things easier.”

Although the process may have been time consuming for some, students found motivation to finish their applications. “I think just a better life for myself was my motivation,” said senior Vanessa Ruiz.

Students will now have to wait until March for the University of California system responses. While for the California State Universities, each campus operates independently. Therefore, students will have different acceptance dates. Regardless if they are applying to a UC or a CSU all students will have to wait to receive their acceptance letter.

With most applications already submitted, students are experiencing mixed emotions and fears. Ruiz said, “I’m really nervous but excited. My biggest fear is rejection.”