Back in My Day…

The development of technology from generation to generation

Jamie Tadiaman, Reporter

It is not a secret that the technology is a prevalent force in society today. Within the last couple decades, technology has boomed and become a part of almost every single aspect of daily lives. Though this explosion of technology has proven to be helpful, it has also created a technologically advanced generation and a more traditional generation.

“I understand that there’s been a time lapse,“ said Oxnard High School sophomore Brian Sanchez, “where technology just suddenly came in, so some people just can’t adapt to that technology, and then some…people do, but it’s [their choice if] they want to adapt or not.”

Teacher librarian Ms. Jennifer Brickey said, “One of the problems is, I think, that if you were never really…adept or have a certain familiarity with technology, then it’s difficult to transfer skills.”

As an example she said that she “wasn’t very smart with [her first] smartphone” because of the different format, “but because [she had] experience with working on a computer… [she was] able to transfer the skills that [she had] with a regular computer to [her] smartphone.”

“Where I see adults having a lot of difficulties is with not being ever engaged in technology…As more devices come out you’re supposed to be building knowledge regarding those technologies, [but then] they get lost…because there isn’t that kind of base knowledge to build upon,” Ms. Brickey said.

Because of the lack of basic skills there is a considerable knowledge gap, which causes multiple problems. When referring to his dad, junior Roberto Velasquez said, “I find it funny how he figured out how to do online banking…[when] he doesn’t know how to turn off the computer.”

Also, there is a difference in lifestyles. Some teenagers use technology for personal use and entertainment. Junior Lizzie Pacquin said that she mostly uses it as a source for “social media, keeping up with…students at OHS and sports…If I miss a game, I can always just look on Twitter and find out what the score was and who won and stuff. I also use technology for entertainment to watch Youtube videos.”

On the other hand, other people from different generations choose to step back from technology. Ms. Kristina Roberts, an OHS English teacher, said, “I find myself using technology mostly at work and I purposely detach from it when I go home.”

“It seems that the more people are attached to technology, the more they rely on it,” said Ms. Roberts, “They lose the ability to communicate clearly…face to face [and] in writings.”

Though some people may or may not be happy about it, technology is only going to advance. Whether they choose to adapt to it or not will be their decision. Pacquin said, “I mean sure, trying to keep up with the times is good, but…it’s kinda cool to hear stories of what happened back then like Woah, you never thought that would happen.”