What season do OHS students like best?


Teresa Valerio

Favorite season poll results.

Kim Valerio, Reporter

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter all have different events that make people enjoy each season. Whether it is baseball season and Easter, volleyball season and Fourth of July, football season and Halloween or basketball season and Christmas, everyone has their preference.

In a December Buzz poll, 50% of those polled selected Winter as the most popular season. “I like Winter the most because of the chilling winds. I literally like the cold more than the heat,” said Oxnard High School junior Sebastian Lue. It is also a great excuse to stay in and drink hot drinks, or watch Christmas movies while wearing ugly Christmas sweaters.

Also, OHS junior Haley Luis said, “My favorite season is winter because of the rain and the cold.” She is also a big fan of winter “because [she] gets to celebrate Christmas with [her] family.”

The second most popular was summer with 31% of the votes. With the summer heat, students receive a break from their academic coursework. OHS junior Cynthia Nava “loves the hot weather because you get free time and the break off. You also get to have a great time.”

It gives an excuse to go to the beach or even stay in. “Beach days happen more often,” said OHS junior Laura Arciga. Summer is the time to lay back, have fun and relax.

In third place was autumn or fall, with 9% of the votes. The weather brings a cool crisp feel and the environment changes. Many shades of orange and red appear on trees as the leaves change, and football games begin. Fall also brings two holidays (not counting Black Friday)–Halloween, where you get to be someone or something else, and Thanksgiving, a day dedicated to being grateful.

Estephany Sampablo, OHS junior said, “I like fall because me as a girl I have a cuter clothes for the cold days. It’s better than summer too because then you don’t burn up in the sun.”

Spring came in last with 6% of the votes. Flowers blooming, baseball season, and just nice weather all around makes spring a relaxing season. “I like spring because the flowers start blooming, and the weather is not hot or cold,” said junior Saira Cisneros.

Junior Keith Young said, “The reason I like Spring is because the rabbits come out of hibernation, the grass and flowers look better, [and] because the colors are vibrant.”