From The Heart

Oxnard High School students share their thoughts on homemade gifts

Luis Arevalo and Victor Galicia

“When it’s homemade, there’s effort…and it’s something you really appreciate,” said Oxnard High School junior Delilah Cervantes.

With the holidays approaching, many have begun to plan what gifts they will give to their family and friends. However, despite the wide assortment of gifts available, many prefer to give homemade gifts.

Homemade gifts can range from handcrafted toys and trinkets to letters of appreciation. “I’ve made little homemade letters that I give [to my friends] and pretty much describe my appreciation for our friendship,” said junior Fatima Gonzalez.

“I glued popsicle sticks together and made my mom a picture frame for a picture of the entire family,” added junior Mariela Alatorre.

Handmade presents are not only gifted, but also received. “My little cousin makes me a homemade gift every year. He’s in kindergarten, and he always makes me a little drawing,” said Cervantes.

Although store bought gifts are easier to give, they lack the time and love that goes into making gifts. Alatorre said, “Homemade gifts are more special because more thought goes into them.”

Junior Cristina Flores says that she gives homemade gifts because she wants to show her appreciation for her friends and family. “I want them to have something that shows that I care for them, but at the same time comes from the heart,” said Flores.

“I want them to know that I appreciate them as a friend and that I’m here for them,” said Gonzalez about the letters she makes for friends. Cervantes, who made a painted Christmas ornament for her grandma said, “Just the fact that I made it…made it special.”

With Christmas just around the corner, it is not too late to make a friend or loved one a gift. After all, gifts should come from the heart, not the wallet.