Once Upon a Relationship

OHS students share the differences between cliched romances and reality

Tatyana Sharpe and Janine Tadiaman

“Sometimes the best preparation [for Valentine’s Day] is to wait quietly, letting things unfold in their own way.” said Arthur Dobrin in his article “Planning Ahead,” published on the website, “Psychology Today.”

Valentine’s Day is the day when people and their lovers come together as one and spend the time with each other. Despite some people not making the evening special, others go above and beyond and exceed certain expectations.

Aside from the common gift such as teddy bears and chocolates, some people take their girlfriend or boyfriend to a fancy dinner followed by a romantic movie. Antonio Beltran says, “I’m going to pick her up then I’m going to put a blindfold over her eyes, then drive to the restaurant.”

However, couples who are together long enough don’t even bother about making plans ahead. Lacelynn Woodfin said, “We are just gonna go to his house order pizza and watch movies.”

Sometimes it takes the men along time to make plans for this romantic day. But some don’t make plans at all. As Christian Flores said, “Honestly, I haven’t really thought about it.”Flores also said, “[I would], probably, [take her out to the] dinner, or just a small date, like just go to the movies.”

“Don’t stress out about getting the right present or trying to make everything perfect, just let everything fall into place by itself” as Arthur Dobrin said.