An Eye for Entertainment

Oxnard High School junior Ramon Acevedo and his team produce and edit short films


Juan Quero

The Vintage Productions staff. From left to right: Michael Satumba, Abraham Aguilar, Hayley Luis, Ramon Acevedo, Rodrigo Carranza.

Victor Galicia and Nicholas Robles

What started as a small group of friends and an idea, has grown into an upcoming film production company. In the summer of his sophomore year, Oxnard High School junior Ramon Acevedo established Vintage Productions, a small-time video production company. Along with juniors Abraham Aguilar, Rodrigo Carranza, Hayley Luis, and Michael Satumba. Acevedo and his team strive to make it into the film industry.

At an early age, Acevedo already had aspirations to become involved in film or animation. “I started making videos when I was in the fifth grade…I started off making small animations,” said Acevedo. However, it was not until high school when Acevedo put his idea into motion. “In the summer of sophomore year, I started taking it seriously…I gathered a small group of friends, and we’ve been making videos ever since,” he said.

“He had been planning it since freshman year,” said Aguilar.

Vintage Productions produces different genres of videos. “We’ve made remakes of parodies and other short films that Ramon comes up with,” said Luis.

Acevedo, who was greatly inspired by Charlie Chaplin, said, “For now, [our videos are] just comedy. We’re teenagers, and we like to have fun. Nothing serious yet but we will later on.” As of now, Vintage Productions currently has over fifteen short films uploaded to their Youtube channel with “Purge 3 The Search” being their most popular video at 1,380 views.

Although the Vintage Productions crew works hard, they also share laughs on set. “It’s fun every time we shoot because the people around us…we’re all good friends,” said Aguilar. Working alongside each other has also created new friendships for the Vintage Productions team.

“In the beginning, some of us didn’t get along, but we talked and talked, and now we’re all really close friends,” said Carranza.

“We’re like a family now,” said Satumba.

The film crew has goals they want to fulfill.  “My goal with Vintage [Productions] is to entertain as many people as possible…and to work with big time companies like Warner Brothers and Nickelodeon,” said Carranza.

“My goal is to have the whole Vintage [Productions] team go far together and meet new businesses… and come out in future movies,” said Aguilar.

As of now, Vintage Productions uploads their short films and projects to their Youtube channel that has over 9,000 views. With their close work alongside Pelican House Productions, their dreams of becoming famous actors and film producers are within reach.