When Qualities Do Not Qualify

Liking a person might and always turn out the way its expected

Kim Valerio

When you first meet somebody you like, you are infatuated with them. They seem like someone right out of a romance novel — you build up a mental picture of how they are perfect. How they walk, talk, speak, dress, no matter what they do, it seems flawless to you.

At first, everything is amazing. All you see is them, and life is just grand. It is like having heaven on earth. You go out on a couple of dates, and everything is fine. It seems like all that matters is them. However, you start realizing that they are losing that wow factor every time you are with them.

You slowly see the things about them that bugs you. Ranging from many different things from the way they act, to your pet peeves. You might not like how they bite their nails, click on their pens repeatedly, or how they chew with their mouth wide open.

Maybe the way they act is not how you expected them to behave. They can have a loud personality when you are not interested in that type of person. Or they can be a wallflower, a person who usually fades into the background, does not care if they are alone or not, and are shy. Also, you might realize that you like someone who is more spontaneous than predictable.

No matter the situation, anyone can find their other half, maybe you like people who bite their nails or who rather stay in for the night when you would rather go out. Even though, someone might stop liking you nothing is wrong with it. There is someone for everybody. You will eventually find somebody who loves all of you from head to toe, flaw for flaw.