That is So Underrated

OHS students discuss underrated movies and TV shows

Jason Toledo

A number of films today are considered to be underrated or overrated, but it can sometimes be difficult to measure the quality of a movie or TV show. Some critics rate movies either too high or too low which contrasts the viewers’ opinions.

Some films and shows that might be considered good entertainment are not well-known because they may be foreign, which leads to cultural barriers. Oxnard High School junior Emanuel Garrett said that some movies are not as popular because it originates in a different country. “It’s all in a [foreign language] — there are English subtitles, and you’d have to read that…[people] don’t like reading subtitles, so they will just stay away from it.”

Freshman Bryan Sanchez said that anime is not watched by many “because people like to watch things made here in America. [Americans are] different from the Japanese.”

Providers such as Netflix have been able to introduce viewers to new and unknown TV series and movies. “Netflix can widen your variety of movies and TV shows that you watch because it shows things that they recommend for you based on your interests,” said sophomore Leonardo Telles.

Junior Soleil Zamora said that Netflix has made watching new motion pictures and shows more prominent, “but it doesn’t have recent movies…it’s not up to date so they might be behind.”

The original works for the inspiration of a number of screenplays and TV shows affects the audience’s opinion by comparing them.  Sanchez said that Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World was an underrated movie. “ [The movie] went from the source, which not a lot of comics or video games do…it went in line with the boyfriends [and] the hair colors.”

“Sometimes there may be this moment that is better executed in the movie or TV show than in the books,” said Sanchez.

A film or show’s ranking is defined by the popularity and rating of the critics.

Junior Jonathan Hall said that Supernatural is considered to be an underrated TV show “because people say it’s boring.”

However, Hall enjoys watching it because “a lot of people die in it and turn into angels, demons, leviathans, and [monsters]…it has a good backstory between Sam and Dean.” Fans such as Hall show appreciation by continuing to watch despite how the critics may judge.

Whether they be good or bad, the fact that there will always be critics judging movies and TV shows continues to be a determining factor in the viewers’ perspectives of them. However, one should maintain an open mind and refrain from judging “underrated” content without witnessing them firsthand themselves.