“A Bond That Can’t be Broken”

Oxnard High School student-athletes explain their team qualities


Esteban Leon

Oxnard Boys’ Varsity Soccer team doing a chant before the start of the second half of the game.

Esteban Leon, Sport Editor

“We are with each other all the time, as a team we rely on and trust each other to be there. Some of us even put our lives in their hands trusting them to catch us, like siblings we always have each others back and are always having fun,” said senior varsity cheer Captain Alissa Carmona, who explained what it is like to be on the cheer squad here at Oxnard High School.

There are differences in all teams here at OHS, one similarity, however, is the bond that each team has with their teammates.

Successful or not, teammates are there for one another. Sophomore varsity basketball player Diana Adon said, “When one of us is having a bad day at practice or a game. We all try to encourage them that they are better than what they are thinking at the time. In all, we just make each other better as a whole.”

Those who are on teams find themselves resembling their relationship as they would with a family. Senior varsity volleyball Captain Nick Holl said, “They have been by my side since we first touched a volleyball, so I consider most of them brothers.”

Adon said, “Although off the court we don’t talk 24/7,  no matter what, we have a bond that can’t be broken.”

As a group, they learn how to deal with the previous season failure that may have occurred. Holl said, “The past years of just losing has made us want to perfect our game so much more. It helps us [have] greater heights of work ethic we never knew we had.”

Adon said that the girls basketball teams are motivated to be successful this season due to the reputation they have had previous seasons. She said, “We’re always hearing ‘our girls basketball team sucks’.” The team wants to show everyone that they are not the same program as they were before. She added that the team is better and will continue to improve.

Being a part of a team allows athletes to be part of an environment where experiences help and teammates are there for you. Holl said, “We are very inexperienced compared to the past…We don’t hold a lot of talent, but we do have better work ethic and want to play our best every time we step onto the court.”