Food Almighty

OHS students tell all about their crazy food combinations


Aime Cano

Macaroni with ketchup is one of the strangest food combinations

Aime Cano and Tammera Magana

“I know people who put ranch in their top ramen and eat it,” said Oxnard High School senior Mason Rose.

For many students mixing certain foods is no big deal, while others find it repulsive. “They think I am weird because they do not like the way I combine the food I eat,” said senior Jose Hernandez.

“My friend told me about hot fries and cheese, and I thought it was going to be disgusting so I tried it myself, turns out it’s really good,” said senior Liz Garcia.

Similar yet different, senior Jocelyn Martinez enjoys eating pickles with nacho cheese. “I was at Knotts Berry Farm one day, and my sister had nachos and I kind of mixed the taste together in my mouth and it was amazing,” said Martinez.

“I’ve liked ketchup and macaroni and cheese since I can remember,” said senior Rick Madrid. “Most of the time people say I’m weird when I put ketchup on my mustard,” said Madrid. However, Madrid is not the only member of his family who eats what most would consider abnormal combinations. “My cousin eats weird stuff. She eats ranch with brownies,” said Madrid.

Although some combinations of foods are edible, there are ones that are not necessarily fit for consumption. “My friend Colin and I played this game where we ate wasabi mixed with egg yolk, Nesquick powder that was seven years old, and mayonnaise,” said Rose.