The Iconic Vinyl Coming Back to Life

Vinyls are making a comeback

Andrew Smith and Yesenia Monje

Many people have different theories on how or why the vinyl record players are reviving its trend. For example, in a New York Times article about vinyls making a comeback, Michael Fremer said, “About a dozen pressing plants have sprouted up in the United States, along with the few that survived from the first vinyl era, and they say business is so brisk that they are working to capacity.”

Thomas Bernich, who started Brooklyn Phono in 2000, said “My company makes about 440,000 LPs a year, but Giant Like Rainbo Records, in Canoga Park, Calif., turns out 6 million to 7.2 million, said Steve Sheldon, its general manager.” People believe that vinyls are coming back because they simply sound better than regular CDs.

But in reality vinyls never left in the first place. As the years passed  by many people had lost interest in vinyls because of the invention of CDs. CDs are easier to carry around, are more accessible and are most efficient.

As for Kathleen O’Brien she does believe that vinyl records are making a comeback with hipsters but she suggested that “Vinyl records are horrible.”

 Jonathan Viveros a sophomore at OHS says, “I think vinyls are coming back because a lot of people here at the school and other places are influenced by the hipster era.” He then explains that if he were to buy his own he would get the famous rock band AC DC’s vinyls.

 As opposed to what other people say Miguel Virgen a junior at OHS explains “I do not think they are coming back nor do I think CDS are either, people are going to be downloading music from their phone’s.” Now as the years go by thousands of people are going to forget about both vinyls and CD’s all because of the new technology that is being invented.