A Home Run Towards College

Jacob Cervantes receives a scholarship to Lesley University

Patricia Casimiro and Nicholas Robles

Oxnard High School senior and four-year high school baseball player, Jacob Cervantes, accepted an academic scholarship to Lesley University in Boston, Massachusetts. Through his work and dedication to baseball, he will be moving on to play at the next level.

Cervantes began playing baseball at a young age. His father was his coach as a young player. He always pushed and encouraged him to be a better player. “I was smaller when I was younger so he was always pushing me so I wouldn’t be left behind. [My dad] always made sure I worked hard,” said Cervantes.

As the catcher, it is his job to be a leader on the field. “As a catcher, I am a part of every play and also like a captain on the field. There’s a leadership role I enjoy,” said Cervantes.

Physical Education teacher and head baseball coach, Coach Alfred Tarazon said,“Leadership…he’s the catcher, so he runs the show out there on the defensive side. He leads by example.” Cervantes has played on varsity for 3 years and has managed to lead the team through his actions on the baseball field.

Coach Tarazon believes that Cervantes will continue to perform well in college. “He’s a good student, so he’ll be successful on that note…that’s where it starts, being a student athlete so he’ll do well in college. Baseball wise…I think he will do well as well,” said Coach Tarazon.

“Make sure you keep your grades up because you can’t go to college without good grades and also just work hard. Manage your time well between sports and school,” said Cervantes. He has and is currently taken AP classes and encourages others to do the same because he understands that it is important to maintain good grades especially if you are continuing to go to college after high school.