“It’s the Cliiiimb” – Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus)

AVID tutor Amanda Segovia describes her training experience for climbing Mount Whitney.

Victor Galicia and Jazmine Toledo

AVID tutor Amanda Segovia will have climbed Mt. Whitney for the third and final time in October. She initially was drawn to hiking because of her uncle’s involvement with the hobby.

Segovia is studying as a psychology major at California State University, Northridge and has been involved with the AVID program as a tutor for five years. In addition, she works with special education students at Oxnard High School.

“Amanda is one of our most seasoned tutors, she works well with our AVID students, but she works especially well with our special populations on campus,” said AVID coordinator Ms. Wendy Henchy.

Segovia was not able to complete the hike on her first attempt, but after dedicating time to training, she was able to complete the feat on her own.

She realized that “[she] could do anything if [she] set [her] mind to it–You get to a certain point up there where you want to quit and stop. When you push through that, it feels like an everyday life. You can just keep one foot in front of the other…keep going through things.”

Segovia worked hard to prepare for this intimidating climb. She said, “I hike three times a week, and I try to do a lot of mileage as well as a lot of elevation gain.”

Climbing Mt. Whitney is a 12 to 18-hour task that takes vigorous physical effort. It is a 22-mile hike with a 6,000 feet increase in elevation. “You wake up at 3 in the morning, and you start hiking, you get up to 10,000 feet, and you get to see the sunrise and the mountains,” said Segovia.

While it is a tough task to accomplish, she is drawn to the activity because she enjoys the challenge, “I kind of like the whole struggle of getting up a mountain and seeing if you can do it without stopping,” said Segovia.

Ms.  Henchy, who often talks about hiking and fitness with Segovia, describes her work ethic as “incredibly dedicated to those she’s working with.” She also recognizes the effort Segovia makes when working with the special education classes at OHS. Segovia plans on becoming a special education teacher in the future.

“[She] kinda has a niche for working with those populations and she eventually wants to become a special ed teacher, so I believe the experience she is getting now in our special ed classrooms will be invaluable when she becomes a teacher,” said Ms. Henchy.

Segovia has already planned other climbing expeditions for the future. “My bucket list for life is to climb the highest mountain in every single state, but for the next two years my goal is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. I also want to climb to the base of Mount Everest and backpack around there.”

With a dedicated outlook on life, Segovia looks to make her mark both on the mountainsides and in the classroom.