Education! Education! And More Money!

Prop 30 and the benefits

Rhiannon Enriquez

Education is a necessity, it not only expands the universe of children’s minds but it teaches the fundamental tools for survival in jobs and careers. Depending on an individual subject, a teacher requires so many amenities to prepare the next generation.

The costs exceed the budgets the teachers were given and sometimes it comes out of the teacher’s paycheck pockets. Imagine not having a budget at all!
In 2012, there were more than $5.8 Billion dollars cut to the education system, due to California’s massive spending habits. The budget cuts caused thousands of jobs to vanquish, school days in a year to shorten, induced schools to reuse old textbooks and all around began K-12 systems to struggle.

Proposed by Governor Jerry Brown in 2012 as a solution, he recommended that the households making $250,000 and over annually would be taxed higher than those of the middle class. The profits would go towards the schooling organizations and help regain appropriate numbers.

As a result, several of the middle and poor class citizens voted for Proposition 30 to raise funds for their youth to get a proper education. According to, California State Controller’s Office (CSCO), Prop 30 has raised $13.1 billion dollars nationwide since 2012.

The teachers suffered, by taking money from their checks for their families, now are given a budget.

However, According to the Huffington Post and Forbes even nowadays the average teacher still spends $400 to $500 of their money. Despite that fact, as opposed to fully paying out of their pockets, teachers pay less than when the cuts had been made.

This was a tax so that the rich or ‘one percent’ would give money to fund the schools. The tax has worked like a miracle pill for education systems to continue teaching.

CSCO also clarifies the benefit of $17.3 million in the 2012/2013 school year, for districts in Oxnard.

The school systems are still recovering despite the upward allowance there are plenty of damages and rising demands of new improved teaching systems.

To students, the money and where it goes will always be a question, but the important matter is that this is no longer 2012, and the young critics did not have to suffer budget cuts.

According to The Sacramento Bee, Prop 30 is in need of more money for schools. The interest will start to increase for the one percent families and individuals.

The 55% that polled in 2012 will hopefully still find that need for another go at the taxing of the higher paid percenters.

Oxnard High School Principal, Dr. Eric Riegert stated that Prop 30 will help kids have an equal opportunity to reach their true potentials. The ‘one percent’ who make more than enough, should be liable for maintaining the classes beneath them.

Despite that idea, the money goes towards the people and providing a public education system that can help students further themselves as individuals.

The benefit of the proposition is to raise enough so that California schools can hire teachers with experience and provide resources for the students to thrive. Capture