Public Schools vs Private Schools

Cienna Saucedo, Reporter

The debate between whether a student receives the best education and skills to prosper later in life at a public or private school has been a frequent discussion throughout the years. Many different personal preferences are related to religion, money and or social upbringing.

Oxnard High School junior Carolina Apodaca went to a private school for the majority of her elementary and junior high education, “For the Catholic education”, said Apodaca.  

Similarly, Calvary Christian High School senior Nick Gil attends a private high school because he wishes to be surrounded by “fellow Christians, who could strengthen my faith with God and keep me on the right track morally,” said Gil.

According to The Public School Advantage: Why Public Schools Outperform Private School, a book written by ,Christopher A. Lubienski and Sarah Theule Lubienski, educators at the University of Chicago, “Public school teachers are more likely to be certified” than private schools providing an adequate method of teaching.

OHS junior Yasel Hurtado said, “Private schools can kind of do what they want.” Because private schools are independently funded, they are not required to have a set curriculum. According to, a career pathway advisor, “ Private schools don’t have to follow the national curriculum.”

The National Center for Education Statistics state, “64 percent [of] private schools” graduates attend a four-year college.” Students believe that this could be due to the fact that “teachers can spend more time with you” said Gil.

However, Calvary Christian junior Jack Adams said, “In public schools you are pushed to do your absolute best so you can make honor roll, or get into AP classes, or make it on the team. There is a lack of that in private school.”

OHS senior Kyle Honea, who attended a private elementary and junior high, said, “I like being my person as much as I can be at school”. For many public high school students, they enjoy the freedom of expression they are allowed. “You can just express yourself more at public schools”, said Apodaca.

A public school will be more beneficial in the grand scheme of things because it is “more like the real world because at a private school you are isolated from everyone else”, said Apodaca.

Christian Garcia, a Santa Clara High School junior, believes a private school is worth the cost because “it’ll keep you on track”, said Garcia.

The overall importance of education, whether it be from private or public school, is to become successful later in life.