Remembering a Rock Legend

April 5th marks the day that the world lost one of its most talented rock stars.

Kurt Cobain was born on February 20, 1967 in Aberdeen, Washington. His parents divorced when he was nine years old and they both remarried. He resented his new family, according to Biography. com. During his school years he was known to be irritable and even bully others. However, one thing that “saved” him during these times was his passion for rock music.

In 1988, he was able to form Nirvana, a Seattle-based band, with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, although it wasn’t nearly as popular at the time. However, in 1991 they released their album Nevermind, containing hit singles such as “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Come As You Are”. Their fame quickly skyrocketed and Cobain became an icon of Generation X.

“I remember when Nirvana came out,” said Mr. Matthew Creech, a teacher at Oxnard High School, “He was an over-the-top, crazy guy. [His music was] very hardcore. People liked that at the time.”

Ms. Rainey Tanner, a teacher at OHS, said, “He brought a new style, grunge, to the music front. People wore big hair bands and eyeliner, [but Cobain was more like] flannel shirts and grungy. It was very contrast to what art was at the time.”

According to, “grunge” style includes clothing such as plaid shirts, baggy sweatshirts, and ripped jeans.

In 1992, Cobain married Courtney Love and the two had a daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, that same year.

Despite all the fame and glory that his band was receiving, Cobain was seriously troubled. He had struggled with depression and drugs for years. On April 8, 1994, police found him dead in his Seattle home. He had committed suicide about three days before, on April 5th.

“I’m not sure if fame was great for him because I think it brought a lot of emotional stress to his life.” said Ms. Tanner.

Despite this, his music and legacy is still admired.

“He had a very creative mind. For [my] generation, he was one of the great musicians. If you look at the way he lived his life, with drugs and [his eventual] suicide, it makes me kind of sad because then I wonder what he’d be doing today.” said Mr. Creech.

He added,“I think the great thing [about] Nirvana is that they’re visionaries, people who take music, sports, and art and take it in a whole different direction [and are inspirational]. I think you need more people like that. That would make the world a better place.”