Race Based Scholarships

Jazmine Toledo, Business Manager

“Skill should be held in a higher regard than your ethnicity,” said Oxnard High School junior George Galvan. Galvan agrees that college scholarships should be awarded in recognition towards a student’s accomplishments, not their ethnicity.

College scholarships are accessible to students who are not as advantaged and are from a minority. Due to financial issues, certain students may never be given the opportunity to demonstrate their hidden talent.

As colleges attempt to be diverse, colleges provide scholarships based on race. There is a broad range of schools that award scholarships to students from a minority. However, there is a large sum of pupils who are not from a minority worthy of receiving an award.

“Race-based scholarships should be competitive when being compared to an individual to the same race, ” said OHS junior Kameko Sasaki. When students accomplishments are set side by side from different backgrounds, a distinct race will clear standout. Students who were not given the opportunity are now given support from these grants due to their desire to continue learning and outstanding achievements based on what they were given.   

“Although if the majority of a particular race maybe they are a statistic of them going to college maybe lower that does not necessarily mean there desire to learn is higher,” said Oxnard High School junior Jackie Aldrete. An individual’s motivation may vary and could differentiate whether a person is driven to become successful.

On the other hand, qualified individuals who were able to demonstrate their talent and skill are compared those who were less fortunate.