Money Wall

Sub header: Why Trumps wall will make it break it.



An over assumption of the primary Republican nominee Donald Trump is that his ideas are overzealous. However Trump has gain support because his ideas resonate and have a clear motive behind them, and are relatively to simple to side with. With listing some of his greatest ideas. One of his more eccentric ideas is the motion to begin construction of a fifty foot wall in place of where the Mexican border should be.  


As a business mogul, Donald Trump resonates that the wall would only cost around ten billion. Which his firm financial plan being to make Mexico accountable for the price of the wall. Mexico’s president Enrique Pena Nieto’s spokesman stated “The proposal is rubbish” when asked about Mexico’s for paying Trump’s wall.


Donald Trump’s wall will undoubtedly face trouble if it ever begins construction. As the Washington post stated “Any wall building will need millions of dollars.” Even though Trump stated otherwise building  a wall wouldn’t be relatively easy. Requiring major financial support.


However many others welcome the idea of Trump building his wall. Such as his many supporters. TheNewYorkPost.Com writes about rally supporters screaming for Trump to build his wall. However costly the wall may be. Donald himself has on record stating the proposal for building his wall “I’m a builder, it’s simple.” stated “The wall faces problems unlike buildings” The statement reflects Trump’s statement that he has built things taller than a wall. Problems include the protest of farmers and people losing their home. Causing more problems than Trump is ready to deal with. More importantly problems the US isn’t ready to deal with.


This doesn’t seem to intimidate Trump. As he always states “ Let’s make America great again.”