Balancing Band with School

Band members say how they manage their time.


“It takes a lot of dedication to be able to learn to music,” said Oxnard High School sophomore band performer Fabiola Morales. Multiple hours of practice every week are required for those wishing to share their musical talents with the OHS Band. OHS junior Alec Gomez said, “I practice around five hours during school and an hour at home.”


Not only do band members have the same busy schedules as their non-band OHS peers, but there are also those school days when the practice and hard work takes them into late hours, including some evenings.


As a result of the long hours, this leaves little time to join or engage in other extracurricular activities, but the band member’s dedication overrides any reservations they may harbor regarding other opportunities.  OHS junior Ariana Magaña stated, “I would join the soccer team, but band does take up a lot of my time for that.”


The long hours and the required dedication are a commitment, but for those who are band members, the positive benefits far outweigh the sacrifices. “I joined band in tenth grade and it changed my life,” said OHS senior Alexandra Mendez.


To some, band may seem like ‘fun and games’, but the challenges of balancing band members’ time with school work and OHS commitments is a reality that they must manage. Marching band is an activity that requires constant focus, not only for perfecting their instrumental skills, but also for the rehearsing of band routines.


Having to remember and choreograph the timing of their routines while balancing school work school responsibilities can be a struggle. “Sometimes practices don’t let me finish my homework in time but I always finish it like before practice we sometimes have time to do it,” says junior Victoria Pichardo.

Although there are sacrifices for being a band member, the bigger benefits of having fun, meeting new people, and playing music make the commitment worthwhile. “It does take a lot of our time of school hours, but I do enjoy being outside with my friends and playing music,” Magaña said.

In order to keep band fresh, competitive, and always growing, recruitment is a part of the process. “Shout out to any people who want to join band,” said Mendez, who encourages others to enjoy the great benefits of band, as she has done.