Shy people with Talent


Oxnard High School has a unique number of students with different talents, but some choose not to display it. OHS sophomore Jade Chongsathapornpong plays the piano and also enjoys golf. ” I like to play the piano which is a stereotypical Asian thing to do, but I really enjoy it,” said Chongsathapornpong. He believes others who have a unique talent should express it in their own way and have courage to do so.

OHS freshman Shian Perez, who loves to sing, is hesitant to share her musical talent because she fears that some may judge her singing, but encourages others to show more of the capabilities they possess and hopes to overcome her own fears about singing.

Some students’ fears may cross over into multiple areas of life and they can miss the chances both in school and for their future. Fear can prevent talented students from becoming involved in the community and in clubs.

These shy OHS students’ advice to others is to discuss their talents and share the talents with their friends, family, and others whom they trust. Not all students are afraid to allow others to enjoy their talents.

OHS sophomore and freshman Nadia Rubio and Saron Williams both have an interest in singing and are unafraid to share their talents. “It’s something I’m passionate about. To me, it doesn’t really matter on what people agree or disagree. I mean, I’m happy of what I love, ” said Rubio.

“There’s no limit and excuses for what you like to do, think about the future so you can work through it in the present, ” said Williams, likes to express his words and feelings through his music. As that said Williams believes the shy and outgoing should show their capacity no matter what.

Outgoing singer OHS junior Lucia Ayala said, ” They shouldn’t be scared to show anyone their talent, because having talent is a beautiful thing and should be proud of what they have.”

Students who are unafraid to share their skills and talents may have a great surprise in store with appreciation that comes like an unexpected gift.