Oxnard High School students and staff share their views on the new PSAT.



Starting the fall of the 2016 school year, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will be given the chance to take the PSAT. The PSAT gives students practice for the SAT and ACT, tests that may be required for the acceptance of a college/university. As well as “the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship.” according to


According to Oxnard High School Counselor Miguel Cordova, the PSAT is not only a great way for students to refresh their academic skills but also “shows their college readiness”. What the students learn throughout their school year can be put to use in the practice test and the test can help the students improve their skills and learn new ones. The PSAT is not required but it is a useful asset to students who have set their plans to attending a college.


Students who are looking forward to attending a college/university and take the PSAT

“[ are] automatically screened for National Merit Scholarship Program, an academic competition for recognition and scholarships.” According to an article on  . The scholarship program not only provide money for students to attend college, but also helps out the kids who can’t afford college.


The PSAT not only is a gateway for scholarships but also as Shannon Houston, Vice Principal of OHS, says that it is a way “to encourage everyone to atleast have the opportunity to go to college”. The test is only practice but it prepares students for the actual SAT, by showing you how well prepared you are for college eligibility.


The PSAT is an opportunity not to be missed or passed up if attending college is in the student’s’ future. The test will be administered this fall at Oxnard High School on October 19 ,2016 so make sure you are prepared and buzzing with knowledge.