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Oxnard High School Welcomes New ASB advisor, Ms. Botello

Ms. Botello in her fourth period Peer Resource class

Ms. Botello in her fourth period Peer Resource class

Yasel Hurtado

Yasel Hurtado

Ms. Botello in her fourth period Peer Resource class

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“I’m excited to teach ASB,” said Oxnard High School Associated Student Body advisor Ms. Botello, who, like her students, is enthusiastically embracing her new position. “It’s an excellent program with students who pour their hearts into it as well as countless hours.”


It is obvious that her excitement has caught fire with ASB students and her enthusiasm has brought about a desire for creativity and awareness in OHS school spirit. OHS senior and ASB leader, Zoe Barraza, said “[Ms. Botello] brings a new atmosphere” to the class.


After teaching for four years at Temple City High School in Pasadena, Ms. Botello “felt like [she] needed a new challenge.” This led her to apply to schools in Oxnard. “I didn’t know what the outcome would be,” said Ms. Botello,“but the stars aligned and I was hired at OHS.”


During her first year at OHS, Ms. Botello taught English 1. As she enters her second year, she has taken on the role of ASB advisor and Peer Resource coordinator. She explained that she has “been with the leaders of ASB since the beginning of August almost every day. We have been getting to know each other and prepping for the year.”


“I’m trying to take ASB to the next level.” explained Ms. Botello. She is striving to bring her vision to the program and build upon the foundation that was set down by former advisors.


Her ambition and drive to make the program the best it can be is evident to the students. OHS senior, Tania Escobar, said, “She is very spirited and motivated.”


Ms. Botello stressed that she wants to be fully involved in every aspect of ASB and “help from the top down.” Although it is only her first year as ASB advisor, she wants her students to know that she is “in it for the long haul.” Ms. Botello said If [the students] need help painting something at the last minute, I’m going to help them. I’ll get down and start painting.” This shows that she is equally as dedicated to the success of ASB as her students.


Ms. Botello has already implemented a few new things into ASB. OHS senior and ASB co-president, Iris Pineda, explained that Ms. Botello was the inspiration behind the back-to-school rally being a “glow rally instead of cardinal and gold.”


Also, Ms. Botello is aiming to “Have a stronger presence on Social Media on a daily and weekly basis.” She is striving to broaden ASB’s reach across our campus and connect with the entire student body.


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Oxnard High School Welcomes New ASB advisor, Ms. Botello