Students who have low grades, such as F’s

Some students may have one subject they are not proficient at or that they may, very simply, dislike. Whether it is symptomatic of a distaste for writing and reading or, whether it is  because slope intercept form just not of interest to them.

Students that accumulate ‘F’ grades may be made available for RTI (Response to Intervention) services at Oxnard High School. The RTI Action Network is a program unlike any other that specializes in helping the struggling student’s academic career and trying to improve it. Those students who need an extra motivational boost may join the RTI program, along with those who voluntarily joined, according to the RTI Action Network website, rtinetwork.org. The network acknowledged that improvement may be seen by students immediately after enrolling in the program.

The program has many parts to it that are referred to as “tiers”. Tiers are numbered, as indicators that will be followed to aid in the student’s success. Each tier is designed to help the student specifically, step by step, in a particular student’s area of need.

               OHS students may be familiar with RTI, and the RTI representative, Mr. Brickey, an English teacher who is familiar with many students on campus. His students, as well as others who need help raising their English grades, come to him to join the RTI program because they feel they need support and motivation. Every student is given the tools and reinforcement to get a passing grade once taking this course and will have the opportunity to continue to retain the skills after graduation.

                  One of the most important jobs any school can accomplish is that of helping its struggling students become proficient and avoid the cycle of failure that so many of these RTI students have overcome.