‘Clubbing It’ At The Hive

OHS Clubs Are a Pathway To New Experiences


According to The University of Idaho, “Student Organizations are the backbone of campus activity. They connect students, create [communities], and […] shape future leaders.” Oxnard High School lists over forty clubs on the official school website, ranging from Migrant Speech and Debate to Chemistry. All students at OHS can find a club that best fits their interests, whether they enjoy competing, volunteering, or just having fun.

One of the most well-known club on campus is Key Club. The basis of the club revolves around students building their home, school, and community. OHS sophomore Grace Nguyen said, “[Key Club] is beneficial because it gives me volunteer hours and it looks good on college applications.” Being a part of this club allows you to take part in volunteer opportunities such as beach cleanups, serving food to the less fortunate, and tutoring younger children.

Key Club also raises awareness to life-threatening diseases in poverty-prone countries. OHS junior Kimberly Santos said, “ I raised money for project eliminate by collecting spare change.” Key Club has joint service projects with nonprofit organizations as well. As both share one common goal to serve the community, Santos said she “enjoys the welcoming feeling […] because it tries to keep everyone as a family.”

AcaDeca is a competitive club that “gives you the opportunity to be held to a really high standard in obtaining, retaining, and presenting information,” according to OHS sophomore Jade Chongsathapornpong. Every year AcaDeca focuses on a different topic, giving students the opportunity to perform multiple choice tests, to compete in performance events, and to write essays at the AcaDeca competitions.

OHS senior Nina Lansangan said, “Acadeca is most beneficial in the aspect that we practice public speaking and interview skills […], helpful for life in general.”

The competitiveness of the club may sound intimidating, but AcaDeca has a friendly environment “pretty much for anyone that just wants to hangout and study,” added OHS junior Enrique Becerra.

Even if one does not find interest in any of clubs offered at OHS, there is always the option of creating one’s own club. Students seeking club affiliation should alert themselves to club flyers and listen to daily announcements to find out more about times, dates, and locations of club meetings. Those who want to take the leap of creating a new club would begin their journey at ASB. Either way, joining or creating, the club experience will provide new friends, unforgettable experiences, and a path for learning great leadership skills.