A-G Requirements: Wish I had Known

Students successfully complete graduation requirements, however, are different than college A-G Requirements.

Oxnard High School has the second highest graduation rate in the Oxnard School District, following Adolfo Camarillo High School. The current OHS graduation rate is around ninety percent, however, only twenty percent of Oxnard High School students complete A-G requirements, making those students eligible to apply to a four-year college.


This sets students who may wish to attend college at a disadvantage. Not all students may wish to attend college in their early high school career, however, students should ideally be in a position to have as many choices as possible. However, students begin to limit their outfits while having minimal knowable about the topic.


The A-G Requirements were implemented  to help students prepare for the rigorous courses students will encounter when enrolling at a four college institution. Students are set on the the automatically placed in the graduation path unless request  to be changed to the A-G requirement path. Students are required to take multiple classes consisting of two years of history/social science.


They are also required to take four years of English and three years of mathematics. However, colleges do recommend four years of mathematics. Following this, students need to take two years of laboratory science in either biology, chemistry, or physics.


Another A-G fulfillment is that of needing to complete two years of language other than English, one year of visual and performing arts, and lastly, one year of a college preparatory elective.


The A-G Requirements are relatively similar, but do exhibit differences. There is a state mandate that requires a semester of health education and also one semester of geography, as evidenced in the Oxnard Union High School District graduation requirements web page.


Parents may easily access this information by logging onto http://www.ouhsd.k12.ca.us/, clicking the Divisions tab and, subsequently, clicking the Graduation Requirements selection.
By having a strong understanding of these requirements, students and parents alike can help create a road to college admissions with clear vision rather than driving on an unknown path that may lead to wrong turns.