Ten Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump

Fixing the Economy

As the Bureau of Labour Statistics reports, our Labor Force participation rate is at a staggering 68%, meaning that almost 3/10ths of Americans are not working. This is the lowest it has been since 1978.  Trump would rework our trade agreements to our advantage, bring companies back to our shores, and put America back to work.



While Trump does not hate illegals, he realizes the threat they pose to the stability of the nation. Federal Border Patrol Officers’ power has been cut to that of a Walmart greeter. If Americans understood the facts, they would understand that numbers are incapable of racism.


Foreign Policy

To put Trump’s proposals bluntly, he supports any action that is thought to be in the best interest of the country. We should be neither the policemen of the world, nor should we be isolationists.


Supreme Court Selection

Justice Scalia was a good man, who defended the Constitution well. His memory deserves to be honored by someone who would continue the fight for Constitutionalism, rather than special interests or radical agendas. Trump would see to this.


Second Amendment Rights

All humans have the right to bear arms — this is best exemplified in America. Strict laws controlling guns seem to only worsen the problem of gun violence, as the city of Chicago has shown. The Chicago Tribune has reported a 100% increase in gun violence over the last year. Living in Chicago without a gun for self-defense seems to pose a greater risk.



Planned Parenthood is currently using taxpayer money for abortions, which would be illegal under a law which is currently moving through Congress. It is also allegedly making profits among other acts constituting misconduct on the part of clinic employees. Donald Trump would support the proposal to defund Planned Parenthood.


Religious Liberty

The First Amendment acknowledges Americans the right to enjoy their religious liberties. Liberties, which can not be given by any man, nor group of men, nor government.



Trump believes Obamacare has failed. Not only has it failed fiscally, but in principle as well. It’s claim that everyone has a right to health insurance, which is unconstitutional. He would replace it.


Hillary’s Negatives

Hillary Clinton has committed crimes. For example, U.S. Code 1924 prohibits the unauthorized removal of classified documents. The vast volumes of her “I am above the law” indiscretions give the American people a candidate that is unfit for the job being offered.


Trump’s Positives

Trump is capable of fiscal progress, as demonstrated by a career of great business success. He has also displayed the ability to make deals with a broad array of people. As the President, Trump would bring a much needed respite from the ideologically driven career politicians who currently run D.C.


Fixing the Government

Most Americans can agree that something is wrong with our government. From waste, to cronyism, to corruption, it is riddled with problems. Trump realizes the answer to government problems can not be found in government expansion.


Black Lives Matter

Donald Trump ran his business from New York, employing scores of minorities. While he places great value on all lives, he also sees that the looting of black businesses, and the mentality of retaliation and retribution will solve nothing.


LGBTQ Rights

While Trump personally disagrees with gay marriage, he believes it is not the job of the Federal Government to rule on the issue, one way or the other, and thus would support the overturning of Obergefell v. Hodges. This whole issue has been blown out of proportion. The Washington Post stated that less than three percent of the U.S. population would consider themselves gay, but needless to say, their rights are equally important to ours. A notable member of this minority, Milo Yiannopoulos, is an outspoken supporter of Trump.


Trump’s Positives

Trump spoke at a Rainbow/PUSH Coalition meeting about inclusion and diversity. He was praised by civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, is a topic the media has swept under the rug. Trump is capable of fiscal success. He has also exhibited his ability to make deals with a broad array of people. As a president, Trump would bring a much needed respite from the ideologically driven career politicians who currently run D.C.


The list goes on. It is laughable that no charges were brought against her, and one may wonder what laws were violated in securing her exemption from the previously infringed laws.


As one veteran who is currently employed at Oxnard High School said, “I believe she has endangered America’s security and safety, with her sloppy handling of classified material. She has no moral center, no convictions other than what’s good for her. I think Trump at the very least is interested in maintaining our safety, our security, and building up the economy.” She has also been caught in lies. That list alone could warrant a newspaper of its own.

The National Debt

Trump has considered the Penny Plan, which would put one penny of every dollar, or one percent of our spending will go towards paying off the debt. Trump would also work towards energy independence, and other goals which would serve to curtail the rising debt. This issue is a pressing one, as the 20 trillion number is only a tenth of the real debt.