Parents are the Stars

A few ways teens could show parent appreciation.

According to www.kidshealth.orgMany kids announce the onset of adolescence with a dramatic change in behavior around their parents.” Teens also start to “separate from mom and dad and become more independent.”


 Fourteen year-olds are more embarrassed by their family than older teens said by  Fourteen is an important number for parents and teens because it is when teens start being more independent and start breaking away from their parents.


At the age of fifteen, teens are still finding who they are. The difference between the ages of fourteen and fifteen is that they are closer to doing so while getting over their identity phase. To get over this phase, teens have to see where they stand on their parent’s point of view and their own point of view. To make this process easier for parents they “Make [their] teen’s privileges contingent on [his or her] ability to be responsible” commented by


The rest of teens years, sixteen through eighteen, is significant to parents and teens. Teens are more mature at those ages than they were in their earlier years, when they were trying to find themselves. At this age teens are getting prepared to leave home and live their own lives. Some teens “begin to look towards the future at career paths and furthering their education.” said by an article at


Oxnard High School senior, Casandra Mendoza, said “I just live with my mom. She is pretty awesome she does a lot for us.” Support is something that most parents have always done all of a teen’s life but teens start to realize this when they are much older and more mature.


When asked about parent’s supportage, OHS junior, Trisha Mae Fernandez responded with “My parents don’t support me but the older I get, the more they support me.” Some parents also realize that teens are growing up very fast and some parents choose to support and trust their children’s decision for better or for worst.


For some students being grateful for things people don’t usually notice is a wonderful thing. OHS senior, Xochitl Lopez, said “I always had a meal on the table. I know that sounds basic but that is something that means a lot to me because food is literally what you need to live. So, I [have] never gone hungry and I really appreciate that from them.”


Also OHS sophomore, Michael Pizano, said with “They kept a roof over my head” when talked about how their parent’s made them feel lucky to have them.


Teens could do many things to show appreciation to their mothers or fathers. OHS senior, Enrique McArthur, said “For mother’s day and for her birthday I usually just buy her flowers and a card and we go to breakfast.”  Little things like that could show parents their teens appreciate what they do everyday for them.
OHS senior, Joshua Juarez, said “I do work around the house. I help out. I go to work. I help pay for some of the bills. I’m just helping out anyway I can.” This is another way to show appreciation to parents. Some parents work hard for their children because they want their children to have a better future.