Flowers for Hope

Oxnard High School junior Katelyn Bui discussed the third annual fundraiser named Flowers for Hope.

On December 16, 2016, Oxnard High School junior, Katelyn Bui distributed roses for the 3rd annual fundraiser named “Flowers for Hope.”

Bui stated that she originally planned on giving out roses but “decided to use it as a way to give back to the community especially during the holiday season.”

For Bui, this experience has been very humbling because it has allowed her “to contribute to a cause that means a lot to me as well as make people happy with flowers along the way.”

In the past years, Bui has donated the profit to different charities such as the Starbright Foundation, the Oxnard women’s and children’s center, and now plans to donate the 2016 profits to the Casa Pacifica Children’s center

“It’s been really amazing to see all the money we’ve accumulated over the years for such an important cause (over $1,500)” said Bui.

According to Bui, she has promoted the event through social media’s and has been selling the roses for $3 “everyday during lunch for two weeks.”

The most special aspect of this year’s fundraiser is that Bui and other members of the Associated Student Body (ASB) plan on visiting the shelter to bring flowers and gifts to the children living there.