How to Vote

The process of how to vote in person on Election Day.

Tuesday, November 8, is a significant day that is soon approaching. On this day Americans cast their vote for President and any federal Congressional seats that are running. Although most Oxnard High School students are not eligible to vote, it is always useful to know for the future.


  • If you vote in person, polling locations are assigned by residential address and can be found online.
  • The state of California does not require citizens to have a document to vote. However, first time voters who did not register in person are required by federal law to show some form of identification.
  • People who are over the age of 18 or who will be 18 on Election Day can register to vote at local election offices, the DMV, armed services recruitment centers, or online.
  • The deadline to register to vote in the state of California was October 24.


Prior to Election Day, you will be able to see a sample ballot that shows you all of the federal, state, and local races you may see on the real ballot. Some non-profit organizations make unofficial sample ballots based on locality that can be found at



  • Do not just vote for the person who is in the same party as you.
  • Research the candidates before voting. Make sure they have the same views as you.