‘Holiday Traditions

Students share their Christmas festivities.

The seasons have changed and winter has officially taken over. Bells of jolly deck the halls and lights of red and green brighten up houses meaning it’s time for Christmas.

Christmas time is more than exchanging gifts, but where traditions can be implemented. All traditions celebrated have special meaning. Oxnard high school junior, Jenelle Vera said that before Christmas “friends come sleepover [to] have secret Santa” and “decorate the tree.”

Although it may sound simple, this tradition brings Vera and her friends closer together.

“My family usually gets together on Christmas Eve and we wait until midnight to exchange our secret Santa gifts,” said OHS junior Yesenia Ceja.

On the other hand, spending the holidays far from home still brings the holiday joy. “[My family] usually goes to Disneyland during Christmas, a tradition that her mother has been keeping up since she was a child. “[She] sees the holidays as almost an excuse to bring family together,” said OHS junior Kate Vega.

However, it is disappointing “that it only happens once a year,” said OHS junior Hector Ordaz. As long as we cherish our memories the Christmas spirit will never truly end.

The most important part of the holidays “is being able to be surrounded by loved ones and enjoy each other’s company,” said Ceja.

OHS Junior Andrea Padilla said, “spending time with those who really care about you” is what is important during the holidays.

The bringing together of loved ones creates irreplaceable memories. Generations of Christmas celebrations are cherished when families get together.