Application SZN

As college application due dates draw closer, many Oxnard High School seniors are putting their best efforts into balancing schoolwork, applications, and other commitments. OHS senior, Nina Lansangan, said she finds it “Extremely difficult to balance all [her] homework and the college process.”


Many seniors are finding themselves in the same boat as Lansangan. Making time in their already packed schedules has proven to be quite a challenge, and with deadlines for UC and CSU applications less than a month away, they are feeling the pressure.


Not to mention, the majority of students have after-school commitments such as sports, work, and volunteering. Squeezing time in for applications hasn’t been an easy feat. OHS senior, Destiny Perez, said that “At times it can be overwhelming because of homework and cheer.”


AVID seniors are reaping the benefits of the program now more than ever. They receive help in class with everything from filling out the FAFSA application, to revising their personal statements. Also, there are college tutors available in class and at lunch to answer any questions students might have regarding college. They are a very valuable resource for students because they have first-hand experience and advice. Perez said she has “received a lot of  help from the tutors” and “felt the support of AVID throughout the entire college process.”


An advantage that all OHS seniors have is the amount of resources provided to help with the entire college process. Ms. Baylor is available in the College and Career Center to discuss which colleges might be a good fit for each student and the path they should take to get there. Also, college tutors are always in room C-208 at lunch, where they can help with homework or answer questions.OHS Alumni, Melgret Valdez, said “Teachers are always willing to help and even other students who are going through the same thing.”  


Although application season may be quite a stressful time, it will ultimately benefit students’ future.