Reaction to Trump

Reactions to Donald Trump’s Presidential victory

The outcome results of the Presidential elected were shocking. Americans were outraged, and in disbelief, while others were astonished and eager for the new President to take office. Donald Trump’s campaign has entertained thousands using racial slurs to allegations of sexual assault.

There has recently been lots of protesting against his presidency including graffiti, hateful speeches, and students walking out of campuses. Surprisingly Russian President Vladimir Putin was the first to welcome Trump’s victory. Donald Trump was also congratulated by many celebrities and politicians.

The reactions from students over the election were not necessarily the best. Students apart of the Oxnard School District were protesting by walking out. Although this might not have been the best choice, Oxnard High School offered a better option of protesting. Students gathered in the Performing Arts Center to speak their opinions about the pros and cons of the election. Kirkland Myers a student at Oxnard High School says “I am totally for Trump, I wouldn’t even consider not leaning his way”. Kirkland talked about the economical benefits of Trump being elected, like the stock market “booming”.

Overall different politicians, celebrities and citizens had different views on Trump’s presidential victory. Chris Pascua an OHS senior is independent because he agrees with both sides. However when asked what side he would lean into more he responded with “I definitely lean towards the Republican side because I have conservative views”.There are positives and negatives to our new president but the only thing we can do now is support him in every decision he makes.