Reasons to Take AP Classes

Oxnard High School students discuss about Advanced Placement classes.

“Every May students nationwide take Advanced Placement (AP) exams in what is widely viewed as a big step toward enhancing the chances of being admitted to a top-ranked college,” said Stanford University Graduate School of Education professor Denise Pope, in an article from


“I just hope it looks better on my application,”said Oxnard High School junior Eric Padilla. Pope said, “It also considers whether an emphasis on AP courses improves schools overall, and whether they give students an edge in being admitted to college.This is one of the thoughts that students have regarding Advanced Placement courses, Pope also added that the benefits of AP coursework may not even positively influence college paths.


Concerning AP classes, OHS sophomore Samantha Censejas said, “No me an hablaron le estas clases (No one has talked to me regarding these classes.)” Some students aren’t given any information about AP classes until it’s too late. Some students don’t know about other AP classes that can be offered here in Oxnard High School. According to “There are courses in more than two dozen subjects.”


Some students who don’t take AP classes don’t have the time throughout the day to be able to achieve a high grade in an AP class. OHS sophomore Adomari Salazar Mendez said, “I would rather drop it and get a good grade in a regular class than continue failing in an AP class.” According to they said If you’re pushed into it without good preparation and without a safety net in place at the school to help you if you get it over your head, then it may be more harmful than helpful.”


OHS junior Bryce Aguilar, who is taking English 3 AP said, “I’ve [improved] my grades [and] my ability to hold conversations. […] All around I’ve gained knowledge.” Besides their purpose of taking AP to make their college application great, they also want to gain better academic skill. According to, they said, “Taking AP courses helps students develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for a successful transition to college.”