Home For The Holidays

Everyone knows that the holiday season is all about rejoicing in companionship and family. While people always think of their loved ones during this time, they forget that not everyone has the privilege to be with a family, including pets.


The holidays are prime time to adopt from a shelter and give an animal a stable and loving home. There are also many benefits to adopting from a shelter as opposed to buying from a breeder.


Oxnard High School senior Jacqueline Aldrete said that she believes adopting is better because “you are getting a companion while also saving a dog’s life.”


The Camarillo Animal Shelter has been struggling with overcrowding recently because of it’s no-kill policy. They don’t euthanize any animals, therefore every dog that shows up has to be put into a kennel with, at times, two or three other dogs.


Aldrete explained that she noticed this overcrowding when she “got [her] dog because he was in with three other dogs.”


This just goes to show how much more beneficial adopting can be. Buying from a breeder is one of the main things that causes dog overpopulation. Patricia Huezo, volunteer at the Camarillo Animal Shelter, said “once you adopt a dog it is already neutered or spayed, so it helps control the dog population.”


Moreover, adopting a dog can be a very positive experience and completely change their life. Many dogs at the shelter have a background of abuse and mistreatment. Taking them home can offer a new life.


OHS senior Sirena Romero said that adopting a dog is a “great experience that everyone should get the chance to do.”


Bringing a dog home this holiday season, as well as at any time of the year, is beneficial for not only the dog and it’s new family, but also for the community.