What If a Teacher Was the Mayor of Oxnard?

What if a teacher was the mayor of Oxnard?

Being a mayor of any city is not an easy job. A mayor’s responsibility is to preside at city council meetings, act as a head of the city for certain ceremonies, and overall just be there for the community.

A mayor must cultivate the well-being of the people and minimize economic or political issues. These individuals play an important role in the community’s decisions, which is why this position is not something to play around with. When electing a mayor, it is important to have the people’s opinion.

The Oxnard High School newspaper The Buzz, surveyed students to see which teacher they would choose to be the mayor of Oxnard in a given selection of teachers.     

In a twitter poll taken by The Buzz,  Mr. Patrick Casey came in first place for being the mayor of Oxnard. Another Twitter poll done by The Buzz had a different outcome, resulting in Mr. Robert Borneman coming in first place. Mr. Casey’s percentage was 57% and Mr. Borneman was 60%. Overall we don’t know what would happen if there was a teacher as a mayor.