365 Degrees of Earth’s Sadness

Why global warming is real and the effects it has on Earth and its living organisms.

It’s very important to think about our environment not just within our local community, but around the world. Global warming is “the unusually rapid increase in Earth’s average surface temperature,” according to earthobservatory.nasa.gov. Temperature has increased the most within the 2000-2010 decade, and is known to have the highest global warming temperatures around the world recorded to date.


In comparison, climate change focuses on the specific weather development over time in a location, with effects happening during a short period of time and usually to a specific community, according to climate.nasa.gov.


Today, our sea levels have increased at a rapid speed over the last century, due to the melting of ice glaciers, mountain glaciers, and more. Most of Earth’s ice is located at both the North and the South pole, so every summer the ice melts with increasing speed. This causes the sea level to rise, which only makes the water warmer. Therefore, the ocean’s high temperature is “transferred from the ocean to the air” leading to global warming according to climatehotmap.org.


It is believed that by the end of the century, sea level will have risen between seven inches and 23 inches. The world’s oceans will get warmer and filled with saline, ultimately affecting every living organism on Earth.


Representative of the OHS G-Tech Academy William Gerardo, has been “…taught values of conservation, sustainability, and green alternatives to combat unhealthy methods of living everyday life.” Gerardo used to be oblivious about global warming and climate change, but today he makes sure to safely dispose of waste, recycle, and uses his resources in a limited fashion. It is very important for humans to come together to make our only home, Earth, an amazing home for everyone.


However, there are people who do not accept that global warming is real. OHS Chemistry teacher Mrs. Robles said she “can’t understand people who choose to look at scientific evidence and say ‘I don’t believe you’.”


Their reasoning behind their skepticism is that “not all areas of the world are getting warmer, in fact some are getting colder. However, the important fact is that each end of the spectrum is getting more extreme in local settings. Also, it is called “global” for a reason- many people claim that their city is not any hotter, but that is local weather, not a global pattern. The earth has a natural cycle of heating and cooling and we’ve been on the heating part of the cycle since the last ice age, so some warming is to be expected” said Mrs. Robles.


Ventura County’s Agricultural Commissioner Maribel Lemus said people do not believe in global warming because of “ how it will affect [the government] economically” and their “money making” strategies.


Humans are a big part of what happens around the world, and according to Oxnard High School senior Ledia Camarena, humans are “…one of the leading causes for global warming since our demand for consumerism has increased over the years.” However, Camarena thinks it’s also important to take note of the other contributing factors.


According to homeguides.sfgate.com, there are many ways for humans to stop global warming. Some include reducing fossil fuel usage in greenhouses, planting trees and plants, conserving and reducing water, limiting vehicle use, and buying from local farm markets. With contribution from everyone, global warming can be stopped.