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Go pro!

Oxnard High School alumni students that play professional sports.

Out of all the high school and collegiate athletes in the United States, only 20.89% of students make it to becoming professionals, according to peachnet.edu Oxnard High School has graduated athletes over the years who have moved on to the professional ranks after competing at the college level.


OHS athletes have played not only in the NFL, but in Major League Baseball as well. Recent Yellowjacket graduates Terrell Watson and Joseph Romero showed the talent that caught the attention in their respective professional sports of football and baseball.


“We knew he would get drafted because he was already in the top prospect of the draft” said OHS senior Sirena Romero, younger sibling of 2014 OHS alumnus Joseph Romero. Joseph, known as ‘Jojo’, attended Yavapai College in Arizona. After showing his athletic talents at the college level, he was drafted as a pitcher by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2016 Major League Baseball Draft as the first pick in the fourth round.


Success in athletics at OHS is driven not only on the fields, courts, and diamonds, but also in the classroom. Teachers encourage student-athletes by encouraging them not only to achieve in the classroom, but also to encourage competitiveness in all facets of student life.


“I would say that the connection he had in school and on the baseball field was that he was always confident and relaxed because he knew what he was doing,” said OHS teacher Ms. Maria Romeo.


The Ventura County Star reported that Romero received offers from 7 different colleges and was being watched by over 30 Major League Baseball teams.


Romero has provided inspiration as well, by setting an example for young people to emulate in their aspirations to achieve their goals. One person who looks up to him is his younger brother Joshua Romero, who said, “He has helped me learned so much more than I knew and my knowledge of the game keeps expanding.”


Another OHS alumnus who has provided great inspiration from the position of professional athleticism is OHS alumnus Terrell Watson, a running back with the National Football League Cleveland Browns. ”In his high school career, they called him the Night Train”, said OHS senior Nina Watson.

From 2011-2015, Terrell Watson played at NCAA Division 2 Azusa-Pacific University where, according to ncaa.org, he scored 79 touchdowns and rushed for nearly 6,000 yards. After a successful game,in 2015 Watson was an MVP of the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl where he then would be eligible for the NFL draft.


Although the Cardinal and Gold is sometimes an afterthought in the world of professional sports, these inspirational young men prove that Yellowjacket spirit is alive and well in the professional ranks.