What Matters?

Shedding light on disputes between the Black Lives and All Lives Matter movements.

The Black Lives Matter(BLM) movement has derived from the “people protesting police violence against African Americans” according to the article “’Black Lives Matter: a movement that defies definition” published by reuters.com. Small BLM organizations have taken their fight to the streets to protest the injustice that colored people face.


In hopes to repair the damage done to the Black community, the BLM movement has been working to spark a peaceful revolution in this generation. In regards to BLM, Oxnard High School junior Michelle Ramos said, “The point is to find the sound to our voice and that can be expressed through many outlets.”


There are organizations that empower African American, Chicano, and other minorities by allowing their voices to be heard. As MEChA Club President, Ramos points out that educating one another is the most important source in order to rise above barriers: “It’s a student organization that is based around higher education, learning about our culture and understanding our history.” MEChA has given Ramos the chance to express her beliefs through this social organization.


On the other hand, people who stand with the All Lives Matter(ALM) movement have different viewpoints on the issue. OHS junior Bryan O. Sanchez, who believes in the ALM movement, said, “Black lives are important too, but I’m more about equality. I feel like it’s focusing on the now instead of looking ahead.” Sanchez believes in ALM because he sees it focusing “on every race that might be persecuted now and maybe in the future.”


OHS)student Amanda Smith* who is not really leaned to a side said she “[believes] all lives matter including black lives.” Disagreements upon both movements, that are commonly caused by their miscommunication with one another, may lead to one being indecisive.


Believing in ALM does not necessarily have to mean one disagrees with BLM. OHS junior Gabriel Reilly said he would be “more than happy to join and support” a local BLM movement but would also join an ALM movement because he supports both.
*Name has been changed to keep interviewee anonymous