Differences Between Democrats and Republicans

The differences of the two parties and what they stand for.



With the presidential election coming up on November 8th, the Democratic and Republican candidates have been in a close race, according to realclearpolitics.com latest polls. Over the years, Democrats and Republicans have been through many debates over the differences in which represent their political parties.

Democrats and Republicans are known to have contrasting beliefs and ideologies. For instance, Democrats have a liberal viewpoint while Republicans are more conservative towards political, economic, and social issues.

According to diffen.com, Democrats tend to favor an active government and believe that their involvement will help reach for opportunities and equality in people’s lives.

On the other hand, Republicans prefer a more limited party and wanting to have some regulations.

The presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have discussed their thoughts on the controversial issues in previous debates. Trump and Clinton spoke of issues such as abortion, foreign policy, and taxes, in which, many people have strong opinions on. The candidates that represent the Republican and Democratic Parties gave their viewings on what they think is right.

The Ventura County’s Republican Party’s mission “is to support the Republican voter registration and develop an active and functional organization to get out the vote.”

On the other hand, the Democratic Party serves to elect Democratic candidates to office and get more people in the community involved.

Overall, either party will have a great impact on the people of the United States.