Animation vs. Real Life

Halloween is not only the time for parading in the dark with a creative costume, it is also the time to enjoy the spills and chills of the season in a dark movie theater. Halloween films are a tradition that keep film genres of horror, mystery, and suspense alive.


Scary Godmother (2003), according to, is based on the comics and children’s books of Jill Thompson. The story involves a young, little girl, Hannah who enters the “Fright Side”, the other side of Halloween reality, with her scary godmother who’s throwing the best Halloween party ever and meets many “scary” monsters. It is an animated film that is childlike and fun. Oxnard High School junior Andy Muro said that Scary Godmother is “very entertaining and it’s not scary at all and the story is really good.”


Halloweentown (1998) is about a girl, Marnie, who finds out that she is a witch and, as stated in, decides to “help save a town full of other supernatural creatures.” It is a light, not dreadfully dark and scary Halloween movie.


An animated movie like Scary Godmother seems better suited to the young teenage crowd whereas the film Halloweentown is more of a movie for all ages. For some, there is a different feeling between watching animated movies versus those with live actors.


Everyone focuses on the animation work and, as a result, it must be believable to the audience, not phony -looking or the movie becomes a joke that is hard to accept. Watching an animated movie is always magical and fun. OHS sophomore Daniela Sandoval said that animated movies are “more creative and unique compared to the real life movies.”


When using real life people, it is important for the actors to be bring their characters to life. OHS senior Breannah Ortiz said that when watching a movie with real life people “visually, it’s a feeling” that “gets [her] more in the halloween spirit.”


OHS sophomore Leslie Aguilar said that “it’s strange looking at things that are simply not possible in the real world” when it comes to watching real life movies, but in animated movies, the audience accepts it as real.


On this Halloween, an animated movie is the “go to” if looking for a fun, childlike, non-scary entertainment. A real life one is the one for a family movie for, all ages will most likely enjoy it.